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Int J Clin Exp Med 2011;4(2):164-168

Original Article
Cytokine-mediated inflammation is independently associated with insulin
sensitivity measured by the euglycemic insulin clamp in a community-based cohort
of elderly men

Samar Basu, Björn Zethelius, Johanna Helmersson, Christian Berne, Anders Larsson, Johan Ärnlöv

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation and Center of Excellence-Inflammation, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden; and 5EA 4233
Nutrition, Cancerogenese, Therapy anti-tumor, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Nutrition, Faculty of Pharmacy,
University d’Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France; Geriatrics, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University;
Uppsala, Sweden; Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden; Department of Health
and Social Sciences, Högskolan Dalarna, Falun, Sweden

Received December 21, 2010; accepted March 31, 2011; Epub April 3, 2010; published April 30, 2011

Abstract: Both clinical and experimental studies suggest a close relation between an inflammatory state and insulin resistance. We
investigated the association between cytokine-mediated inflammation (high sensitivity C reactive protein [hsCRP] and interleukin [IL] 6)
and insulin sensitivity (insulin-mediated glucose disposal rate, assessed by the euglycemic insulin clamp) in a community-based
cohort, with subgroup analyses of normal weight individuals without diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome (NCEP). hsCRP and IL-
6 were inversely associated with insulin sensitivity (multivariable-adjusted regression coefficient for 1-SD increase of hsCRP -0.12
(-0.21-(-0.03), p=0.01) and of IL-6 - 0.11 (-0.21-(-0.02), p=0.01) in models adjusting for age and components of the metabolic syndrome
(systolic and diastolic blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting plasma glucose, waist
circumference). The multivariable-adjusted association between hsCRP, IL-6 and insulin sensitivity were of a similar magnitude in
normal weight individuals without diabetes and without the metabolic syndrome. Our data show that cytokine -mediated subclinical
inflammation is independently associated with decreased insulin sensitivity also in apparently metabolically healthy normal weight
individuals, indicating that the interplay between inflammatory processes and insulin resistance is present already in the early stages
of the development of glucometabolic disease. (IJCEM1012002).

Keywords: Euglycemic insulin clamp. insulin sensitivity. inflammation. cytokines. metabolic syndrome. diabetes

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