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Volume 2, Number 2:95-202;2009
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Dominik Roger Weiss, Gerd Juchem, Bernhard Michael Kemkes, Brigitte Gansera, Michael Geier,
Stephan Nees:
Extensive deendothelialization and thrombogenicity in routinely prepared vein grafts for
coronary bypass operations: facts and remedy. Int J Clin Exp Med 2(2):95-113,2009. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Hinh Ly: Genetic and environmental factors influencing human diseases with telomere dysfunction. Int J
Clin Exp Med 2(2):114-130,2009. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Shaimaa Hussein, Paul Michael, Danielle Brabant, Abdelwahab Omri, Ravin Narain, Kalpdrum Passi,
Chilakamarti V. Ramana, Joseph E. Parrillo, Anand Kumar, Amadeo Parissenti, Aseem Kumar:

Characterization of human septic sera induced gene expression modulation in human myocytes. Int J Clin
Exp Med 2(2):131-148,2009. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Najeeb A Shirwany, Jun Xie, Qing Guo: Regulation of intracellular calcium in cortical neurons. Int J Clin Exp
Med 2(2):149-158,2009. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Ming Yin, Sheng Wei, Qingyi Wei: Vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphisms and prostate cancer risk: a
Meta-analysis of 36 published studies. Int J Clin Exp Med 2(2):159-175,2009. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Wael I Al-Daraji, Tamer T. Malak, Richard J. Prescott, Adel Abdellaoui, Mahmud M. Ali, Tarek Dabash,
Bettina G. Zelger, Bernhard Zelger:
Expression, localisation and functional activation of NFAT-2 in normal
human skin, psoriasis, and cultured keratocytes. Int J Clin Exp Med 2(2):176-192,2009. (
Abstract, full text,

Kikuya Kato: Impact of the next generation DNA sequencers. Int J Clin Exp Med 2(2):193-202,2009.
Abstract, full text, PDF).

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