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Volume 3, Number 1:1-94;2010
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Ranjit S. Chima, Paul W. Hake, Giovanna Piraino, Prajakta Mangeshkar, Michael O’Connor, Basilia
Ciglitazone, a novel inhibitor of lung apoptosis following hemorrhagic shock. Int J Clin Exp Med
2010;3(1):1-9. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Dominik Roger Weiss, Gerd Juchem, Markus Eblenkamp, Bernhard Michael Kemkes, Brigitte Gansera,
Michael Geier5, Stephan Nees:
Search for optimized conditions for sealing and storage of bypass vessels:
influence of preservation solution and filling pressure on the degree of endothelialization. Int J Clin Exp Med
2010;3(1):10-27. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Xiao-Ping Jin, Ying-Lei He, Min Zhu, Xian-Fang Lin, Qiu-Yue Chen, HAN Zhao, Xiao-Ya Huang, Feng    
The relationship between the polymorphism of SG13S114 A/T in ALOX5AP gene and the
vulnerability of carotid atherosclerosis in Chinese Han population. Int J Clin Exp Med 2010;3(1):28-32.
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Kezhong Zhang: Integration of ER Stress, Oxidative stress and inflammation in metabolic disease. Int J
Clin Exp Med 2010;3(1):33-40. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Carlos A. Rubio, John G Delinassios: Invasive carcinomas may arise in colorectal adenomas with high
grade dysplasia and with carcinoma in situ. Int J Clin Exp Med 2010;3(1):41-47. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Yan Cui, Jinlian Zhou, Chenglin Li, Ping Wang, Ming Zhang, Zipei Liu, Yong Yi, Jianzhong Zhang:
Effects of simulated weightlessness on liver Hsp70 and Hsp70mRNA expression in rats. Int J Clin Exp Med
2010;3(1):48-54. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Jitakshi De, Robert E. Brown: Tissue‐microarray based immunohistochemical analysis of survival
pathways in nodular sclerosing classical Hodgkin lymphoma as compared with non‐Hodgkin’s
lymphoma. Int J Clin Exp Med 2010;3(3):55-68. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Danielle M. Pastor, Lisa S. Poritz, Thomas L. Olson, Christina L. Kline, Leonard R. Harris III, Walter A.
Koltun, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Rosalyn B. Irby:
Primary cell lines: false representation or model system? a
comparison of four human colorectal tumors and their coordinately established cell lines. Int J Clin Exp Med
2010;3(1):69-83. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Qing Ji, David Karnak, Ping Hao, Rongquan Wang, Liang Xu: No small matter: microRNAs -- key  
regulators of cancer stem cells. Int J Clin Exp Med 2010;3(1):84-87. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Xiao-Yan Qin, Jia Cui, Yan Zhang: Coeloglossum viride var. bracteatum extract protects against amyloid
toxicity in rat prefrontal cortex neurons. Int J Clin Exp Med 2010;3(1):88-94. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

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